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Dates and venue : September 28 to October 2, 2020 in Barcelona.

Training Course on Human Rights Monitoring & Reporting in United Nations Field Operations  

Recent decades witnessed a considerable increase in the number of United Nations presence in the field, either for post-conflict reconstruction or with preventive and confidence-building functions, and a corresponding increase in the number of United Nations personnel employed in the field. A growing number of United Nations field operations established in recent years, under either the coordination of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) or other United Nations auspices such as UN peace and political missions, have included a human rights mandate. This intensification of field work is one of the most significant developments in the area of human rights protection and promotion over the past two decades.

While the mandate of these field operations has varied, a major task they have been required to perform has been monitoring and reporting the human rights situation in the country of operation. Human rights work — whether of a monitoring or a promotional nature — has become a specialized profession which requires adequate preparation, specific technical skills and significant substantive knowledge in order to be effectively conducted. Human rights officers are being employed in the field on an unprecedented scale as a result of the recognition that human rights components provide a constructive contribution to the work of field operations. It is in this context, that the development of methodology for the effective conduct of human rights monitoring has been a central focus of work of OHCHR for several years. A number of tools and methodologies have been developed to consolidate the United Nations experience in the area of human rights monitoring.

This training course aims to spread the knowledge and experience acquired to entities and individuals without access to OHCHR internal training opportunities. It is hoped that governments, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations, as well as human rights practitioners hoping to join United Nations human rights operations will find it a useful contribution to their work and career development opportunities.


This international training course will allow participants to understand the theory and practice of human rights monitoring and reporting. With case studies, interactive exercises and experience sharing, participants will expand their HR knowledge and skills to be better equipped to face the challenges of developing and implementing effective HR strategies.

The training course aims to familiarize participants with the structures and methodologies in place to monitor and report on human rights issues and assist in the development and implementation of appropriate programmes from a very practical perspective. Specifically, it also aims to prepare participants for the recruitment processes as Human Rights Officers with the UN Secretariat and field missions.

The overall objectives of the course are therefore to:

  • Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting practice in the field;
  • Receive extensive materials and practical guidance and insights from highly experienced current and former senior human rights officers;
  • Provide participants with effective tools in a highly specialised area of UN practice;
  • Prepare candidates for recruitment as Human Rights Officers with DPKO; and provide guidance for those seeking engagement with UN Agencies, Funds & Programmes, and OHCHR; and
  • Provide an opportunity for candidates to network and develop mentoring relationships with current and former practitioners within the United Nations.

For whom is this course?

The course is designed to benefit candidates wishing to become Human Rights Officers with United Nations Field Operations, and would be of interest to staff members in international entities, UN AFPs, INGOs and corporations operating in Protection activities and programmes, officers in Ministries of Foreign Affairs dealing with UN portfolios, police officers contemplating peacekeeping and observation missions as part of their pre-deployment training, research institutes, other international organisations and donors supporting field missions.

Organized by

The Barcelona International Peace Center (BIPC) jointly with 2gedar-PeaceOps and Development Network.

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HR M&R 20 – Full course description, registration and fees

HR M&R 20 – Application Form

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