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Dates and venue : November 04 to 08, 2019 in Barcelona.

International Course on the role of the Legal Affairs Officer in United Nations Field Missions

Legal Practice in United Nations Peacekeeping and Field Missions is very specialised and of very wide scope, requiring – in addition to a solid academic and practice legal background – command of the very specific circumstances of legal practice in Peacekeeping and Political Mission environments.  A Legal Affairs Officer in an United Nations (UN) Field Mission is the source of advice to the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) on all legal aspects of the mission concept, the mission’s mandate and its operational activities, as well as any issue of international and national laws. Legal Offices also provide advice on administrative, personnel, financial and procurement matters   related to the missions operational activities. These include questions on the interpretation and application of UN regulations and rules, UN privileges and immunities, status of forces and mission agreements, legal relations with host country governments, third party claims against the UN, rules of engagement and International Humanitarian Law issues related to UN police and peacekeeping military forces. Legal Affairs Offices work in close collaboration with all substantive programmatic units within a mission, including rule of law, protection of civilians, human rights, civil and political affairs, peacekeeping intelligence, force commanders and police commissioners. The Senior Legal Adviser has the final authority over all legal matters at the Mission level and works directly with the Office of Legal Affairs at UN HQ.


This international training course will familiarize participants with the very practical elements of legal practice in peacekeeping and political missions of the UN, with UN Agencies Funds and Programmes. Likewise, it may benefit to those professionals working in national and international NGOs, development agencies and other stakeholders operating in field missions. In addition, it also aims to prepare participants for the recruitment processes as legal officers with the UN Secretariat and field missions.  The overall objectives of the course are therefore to:

  • Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of legal practice in UN Field Missions;
  • Receive extensive materials and practical guidance and insights from highly experienced current and former senior legal advisers and officers;
  • Provide participants with effective tools in a highly specialised area of law;
  • Prepare candidates for recruitment as UN legal officers.

For whom is this course?

The course is designed to benefit lawyers wishing to become Legal Officers with United Nations Field Operations, UN Agencies Funds and Programmes, and would be of interest to legal officers in Ministries of Foreign Affairs dealing with UN portfolios, military and police legal officers contemplating peacekeeping and observation missions as part of their pre-deployment training, legal research institutes and other international organisations and donors supporting field missions.

Organized by

The Barcelona International Peace Center (BIPC) jointly 2gedar-PeaceOps and Development Network.

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