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Dates and venue : June 22 to 26, 2020 in Barcelona.

Mission Intelligence Reporting in United Nations Field Missions Training Course

One of the most important roles in Field Missions is the gathering of information that enables missions to take decisions on appropriate actions to fulfil mandates effectively and safely. Peacekeeping Intelligence (PI) is intended to support a common operational picture: (1) Up-to-date, accurate intelligence supports the establishment of a coherent, real-time operational understanding of the mission area to support planning and operations; (2) provides early warning of imminent threats to life, major destruction of property, restrictions of movement etc. in order to enable the mission to act appropriately in accordance with its mandate; and (3) provides mission leadership with enhanced understanding of shifts in the strategic and operational landscape, and of associated risks and opportunities for mandate implementation, including with respect to the safety and security of UN and associated personnel.

Peacekeeping Intelligence is an essential tool for the proper management and operability of field missions and the source of information to the mission leadership and to UNHQ through daily, weekly, and thematic reports. PI substantially informs the mission’s regular reports to the Security Council in cooperation with the Joint Operating Center and Joint Mission Analysis Centers (JOC, JMAC), Political and other substantive mission units like Protection of Civilians, Rule of Law and Civil Affairs.


This international training course will allow participants to understand the theory and practice of Peacekeeping Intelligence gathering, assessment, analysis and reporting. Participants will become familiar with the principles, processes and parameters to manage the intelligence needs of UN field operations; receive guidance on the tools and activities of individual mission components and the functions of the UHQ offices supporting, coordinating and backstopping mission peacekeeping intelligence procedures.

The overall objectives of the course are therefore to:

  • Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Peacekeeping Intelligence Policies and Procedures;
  • Understand the role, and scope of activities of Joint Operating and Joint Mission Analysis Centers (JOC and JMAC);
  • Understand the synergies with other mission stakeholders in the intelligence cycle, including substantive mission divisions, police operations, and mission military partners;
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Peacekeeping Intelligence (under rules, within mandate, independence, accountability, capability and authority, security & confidentiality);
  • Understand the Processes of Intelligence Cycles (directions, requirements, tasking, acquisition, examination, evaluation and collation; analysis and dissemination; classification, security, handling and sharing; Intelligence sharing with non-mission and non-UN entities; Information retention and disposal)
  • Understand the Roles and responsibilities of Heads of Mission, and other senior mission leadership;
  • Receive extensive materials and practical guidance and insights from highly experienced current and former senior officers;
  • Provide participants with effective tools in a highly specialized area of UN practice;
  • Prepare candidates for recruitment as JOC/JMAC and Political Affairs officers DPKO; and provide guidance for those seeking engagement with UN Agencies, Funds & Programmes;
  • Provide an opportunity for candidates to network and develop mentoring relationships with current and former practitioners within the United Nations.

For whom is this course?

The course is designed to benefit candidates wishing to become JOC, JMAC and Political Affairs officers with United Nations Field Operations, and would be of interest to police and military officers to be deployed with UN field missions in intelligence related functions; staff members in international entities, UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes, INGOs and corporations operating in information gatherings, analysis and dissemination activities and programme; officers in Ministries of Foreign Affairs dealing with UN portfolios; police officers contemplating  peacekeeping and observation missions as part of their pre-deployment training; and research institutes and other international organisations and donors supporting field missions.

Organized by

The Barcelona International Peace Center (BIPC) jointly with 2gedar-PeaceOps and Development Network.

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