Promoting positive change in complex contexts

Event Description

Date and venue: May 23 – 26, 2016 in Barcelona

Practical tools for promoting positive change in complex contexts training course

This 4-day introductory course combines lessons learned and practical tools from two of CDA’s collaborative learning programs: Do No Harm (DNH) and Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP). The Do No Harm program is CDA’s original toolkit for ensuring the conflict sensitivity of all international interventions. Reflecting on Peace Practice supports practitioners and policy makers to take effective action and apply strategic thinking at all stages of peace programming.

This training combines elements of both CDA’s conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding programs. It offers an introduction to each, demonstrating the complementarity and application of the tools and analytical processes.

The Practical Tools course is interactive and hands on, with ample time set aside for participants to utilize the tools in order to best understand their application. Participants are also encouraged to share and practice implementing lessons on their own projects or program during the training. It is well suited for those whose work relates to both peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity, and for professionals seeking a single introduction to both RPP and DNH.
This course does not include Systems Thinking or Systemic Conflict Analysis.


Participants will be better prepared to:

  • Analyze the contexts in which they work.
  • Identify entry points and prioritize interventions.
  • Formulate program goals and strategies for change.
  • Understand and anticipate program impacts on the contexts in which they operate and assess them during implementation.
  • Use that assessment to identify options for program adjustment or redesign.

Organised by

The Barcelona International Peace Resource Center (BIPRC) jointly with CDA

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